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Play Changes the Connections of Neurons in the Brain, Researchers Say

The neural changes that result from play help wire children’s brains to successfully regulate emotions, make plans, and solve problems, according to researcher Sergio Pellis of the University of Lethbridge. A recent article on the… Continue reading

Frequent Free Play = Better Focus

We could learn a thing or two from Finland. An article in The Atlantic explains the Finnish practice of giving school kids a 15-minute break after each 45-minute lesson.  The author, Tim Walker,… Continue reading

Children Have a Right to Play

Play is fun and important for children’s intellectual and physical development.  But did you know that children actually have a “right” to play? Article 31 of the UN Convention on the Rights of… Continue reading

Reblog: “Why the rush?”

Originally posted on learninglifejoy:
I have been coming across a lot of questions from parents about what classes their children should take, what curriculum they should buy, what phonics, math, science lessons they…